This project started out as a test: to see if I could redesign a business card. The client, a new, first time business owner, quickly threw together a card on Vistaprint (with a Vistaprint template). As a graphic designer, I wanted to take this very basic, limited card and have it reflect the actual business.
The Original
Below is the first attempt at redesigning SMBMD's business card. I took the logo (the puzzle piece with the heart) and created a color scheme using Adobe Color. The fonts were chosen, albeit they look too similar to a lawyer's card. I played around with a fading design of the puzzle pieces. I wanted the card to look different and minimalistic on the front.  
Re-design #1
The issue with this one was that the second font was not dyslexic friendly; it was too hard to read. 
This is where I had the most trouble: the back. How was I going to fill all this empty space? So off to the QR codes. Despite my push back, my client wanted to see if a QR code might work. The issue with the QR Code is that no one uses them. After some thought, we both decided to scratch this design. 
We then decided to that if we were going to use purple, make the purple stand out! But besides color, the front of the card just did not fit well. It looked off, and it was the second font that made it seem strange. 

I needed to make the card easy to read for everyone. The serif font was too difficult to read, so it was scratched for something simpler, Proxima Nova. 
Re-design #2
There was some issues with the card: the text was too small when printed, and the days of the week were redundant (let's not forget the spelling error too!) So I went back to the drawing board, and I redid the layout of the card. My goals were to make it legible as well as (dare I say) stylish. The final design came out really well. It was approved by the client, so off to print we go! 
Re-design #3 - Final Product
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